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3-in-1 Course / Webinar Deck Bundle

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The WEBINAR / COURSE DECK bundle is the complete toolkit of easy-to-edit and professional templates for your course or webinar: featuring two 60-slide Course and Webinar Slide Deck templates, plus a 110+ slide pitch deck template based on slides that closed millions! No special software (ie. Photoshop, Canva) needed — simply open in PowerPoint to edit, and export to PDF in one click!

Get this bundle and SAVE 40% on these templates (over 200+ slides in total):

1. WEBINAR SLIDE DECK / PRESENTATION is perfect for webinars, marketing presentations, training & courses. With 60+ unique slides tailored specifically for webinars — from text & metric-focused slides to case studies & upsells to close the deal, you can be sure to deliver an a visual & engaging webinar using this template.

The slides are organized into 9 different course & webinar-specific categories — this gives you plenty of choices to craft a stunning, modern and professional slide deck for your webinar — with or without video content.

Developed for business owners, digital software & product companies, and course creators, the Webinar Slide Deck Template for PowerPoint + Keynote is the easiest way to create an elegant and modern slide deck that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. Use this template to build professional webinars, lead generation documents, or even a beautiful marketing presentation.

* * *

2. SILICON PITCH DECK Slide decks that close deals.™ Get it done faster (and cheaper): effortlessly build your one-of-a-kind presentation today with the Silicon pitch deck template – easily editable in Powerpoint (.pptx) or Keynote (.key)

Our team creates hundreds of slide decks for cutting-edge organizations — ranging from publicly-traded corporations and Fortune 500 companies & non-profits to high-growth startups and private investment firms. This template draws from an analysis of 100+ decks we've created, across industries & around the world.

The Silicon pitch deck template is based on marketing collateral that closed hundreds of millions in deals and investment. Create a professional & visually-engaging presentation with these curated slides. Making your next big presentation a win has never been easier!

 * * *

3. COURSE / WEBINAR SLIDE DECK The Course & Webinar Slide Deck Template is perfect for webinars, courses and marketing presentations. With 60+ unique slides tailored specifically for courses — from intro & chapter covers to case study & upsell slide, you can be sure to get your message across in a visual & engaging format using this template.

The slides are organized into 8 different course & webinar-specific categories (ie. Chapter Covers, Checklists & Processes, Upsells, Quotes, Statistics) — this gives you plenty choices in creating a beautiful, modern and professional slide deck for your course with or without video content.

Make sure you're providing the best experience for your courses and webinars by using this elegantly designed template. This bundle was built for PowerPoint and includes a Keynote versions, so you can easily edit it to suit your needs without any additional software!


  • 16:9 Aspect ratio | A4 Print | Full HD
  • 1-Click* Font & Color Themes (10+)
  • Multi-purpose diagrams & infographics
  • Editable maps, charts & graphs
  • Easy drag-n-drop / replace images
  • 100% Resizable and Editable Vector Graphic

Webinar Deck: 

  • 60+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 600+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint & Keynote
  • Hi-Resolution / 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Silicon Pitch Deck:

  • 110+ stunning slides (×2: dark + light)
  • 600+ unique elements
  • 2 versions included: Dark + Light
  • 8 Color themes (one-click customization)
  • 5 Font themes (one-click customization)

Course Slide Deck: 

  • 60+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 600+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint &Keynote

  • Chapter Covers
  • About Us / Team
  • Content Slides, Statements
  • Checklists & Processes
  • Charts / Graphs
  • Quotes
  • Statistics + Case Studies
  • Upsells


  • Titles & Covers
  • Text / Statement Slides
  • Numbers & Stats
  • Products & Mockups
  • Features (Product / Upsell)
  • Diagrams
  • Case Studies
  • About the Team
  • Closing


Set 1: Trirong • Sen  |   Set 2: Bebas Kai • Hanken Grotesk

* * *

*Certain minor features of PowerPoint are not supported by Keynote (i.e. one-click font & color themes; read more here: One potential alternative is to use the freely available online version of PowerPoint: for such functionality.

**There will be some minor overlap in the slide layouts between the different presentations — this is why the total slide count listed is slightly lower than the sum of the components.

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3-in-1 Course / Webinar Deck Bundle

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