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The prestigious Y-Combinator accelerator program is known for being the launchpad for countless billion-dollar "unicorn" startups over the last decade, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Instacart, Twitch, & many more.

A few years ago, the YC team released an (extremely) simple pitch deck template to help guide founders, based on what worked for decades of YC startups.

While not every founder can present their pitch deck in as simple terms as the likes of Airbnb & other YC stand-outs, their template is nevertheless a fantastic starting point for framing a winning investor presentation.

This adapted version of the YC Pitch Deck template was crafted for founders seeking to win funding &/or investment for their early-stage startups. Our team of experts added a professional design touch to the YC pitch deck formula, while preserving their focus on simplicity — something we have first-hand experience with, having consulted for several YC alums over the last 5+ years.

Our team of experts has designed award-winning pitches for nearly a decade and understand what it's like to be in your shoes: we've not only designed pitches that won the likes of 1000Pitches & MLH contests, but also created slides for prestigious accelerators like Y-Combinator, 500Startups, and TechStars and even Thiel Fellows and Forbes 30u30 alums.

Raising institutional capital from accredited investors requires a unique strategic approach to an investor pitch presentation, and nobody knows this better than YC: this template was crafted to give you the tools to nail your next presentation. This deck provides powerful slides proven to win, based on pitches that closed over $100M+ in deals & investments. Get this versatile & affordable template and you'll be ready to go—just edit and toast your success!

Our completely editable and flexible layout is quick and easy-to-use: just add your content, drag-n-drop photos, and change color/fonts with a few clicks as desired. These slides & templates were designed to help startups create high-quality and impactful pitch decks that accelerate the fundraising or sales process.

This template has everything you need to pitch the likes of startup accelerators and pitch contests with confidence, including all of the elements below...


  • 15+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 150+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint &Keynote
  • Hi-Resolution / 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 1-Click Font & Color Updates
  • Ready-to-Use Slides
  • Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Well-Organized and Easy-to-Use
  • Free Lifetime Updates! (v2: new bonus slides added)

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Proven pitch deck template adapted from Y-Combinator.

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YC Pitch Deck Template

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