eCommerce Startup Financial Model Template (.XLS)

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A complete, fully-editable, easy-to-customize financial model built specifically for eCommerce businesses that sell products online. Quickly estimate future earnings by choosing your conversion rate, marketing spend, and avg. order size.


  • 15+ easy-to-edit and fully-automated sheets and charts, including...
  • One high-level summary sheet with 5+ charts & key metric highlights for an immediate & straightforward overview of overall growth
  • All key annual financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, etc. + bonus: discounted cash flow (DCF)
  • Easy editing: all Assumptions centralized in one sheet, highlighted yellow 
  • Done-for-you benchmarks & research: marketing funnel assumptions, hyperlinked to sources for your convenience
  • Includes multiple revenue streams: products, ads, etc.
  • Global currency support: GBP, EUR, and USD version included, with one-click currency conversion cell (see Assumptions sheet) 
  • Straightforward Cash Outflows & Hiring Plans: Salaries & Operating Expenses + Fixed Business Expenses
  • Full marketing funnel: paid ads, affiliates, social media, organic, etc.
  • FREE updates for life! v3 Update (2024): Added EUR version, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGs) calculation for up to 6 distinct product lines
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Easy-to-customize financial model built specifically for eCommerce

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Products, Ads
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eCommerce Startup Financial Model Template (.XLS)

I want this!