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Gelatinous — ultra-wide bold sans-serif font

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Gelatinous is an ultra-wide sans-serif typeface, perfect to add a cutting-edge, futuristic style to any design. This distinctive font is defined by its wide/extended look — designed for optimal legibility at all sizes.

Available in a regular and outline version, Gelatinous is a great font to make a lasting impression with your designs!


  • Two font styles: regular & outline

  • Numbers & Punctuation

  • Special Characters

Gelatinous is a dynamic font that's great for a wide variety of media: from holographic posters and social graphics to website and app heading text. Thanks for checking out Gelatinous; we hope you enjoy using it!

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Ultra-wide, sans-serif font

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True Type (TTF), Open Type (OTF), WOFF, WOFF2
Vector, Webfont
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Gelatinous — ultra-wide bold sans-serif font

0 ratings
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