Privateer — protect your assets from piracy.

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Privateer proactively protects your creative works from piracy, so you can earn more & focus on creating incredible assets!

There’s no worse feeling than finding an illicit copy of your premium asset listed for free download somewhere online. Digital creators and studios are all too familiar with the struggles of detecting & removing illegal and pirated copies of their assets from the web.

That’s why we created Privateer: we take care of protecting your work from piracy and illegal re-distribution, so you can focus on being creative. Our done-for-you service automagically handles scanning and removing pirated or illegal copies of your premium asset(s).

Just sign up & submit your assets once, and Privateer will take care of the rest! Plus, you’ll get a report every quarter with the details of the links we detected &/or took down. Get started today, or learn more below!


How it works

Get started in just two simple steps: 

1. Sign up and add your assets

2. Every week, Privateer scans and removes illegal copies of your assets online

3. Enjoy the peace of mind that your creative works are protected! You can cancel anytime 🙂

How does Privateer remove pirated links?

There are a variety of channels to identify & address online piracy: from DMCA complaints to directly contacting the creators. By leveraging proven scripts, software & processes (honed from our own experience as digital creators), we have been able to achieve a 99% success rate in getting pirated and illegal copies removed. 

If we ever run into a major violation (for instance, we once discovered a publicly-traded company listing an unlicensed premium font for free download along with their brand assets), we will send it your way with some recommendations/referrals for next steps, as we are not a legal service (see disclaimer below). 

What you get:

Privateer makes protecting your assets effortless. When you sign up, you'll get...

  • A super-simple dashboard to add new assets you'd like to protect
  • Quarterly reports of the pirated links that we took down

It's that simple! With Privateer, it takes literally no time to protect your creative works.  

Why should I care about piracy?

Creative piracy means big money: just consider the $3.5M settlement over NBCU’s unlicensed web use of the “Chalet” font or the recent $30,000 per day filing by Berthold against Volvo!

Even if you’re a small / independent designer, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of potential revenue due to piracy. At Privateer, we have even found publicly-traded companies using unlicensed fonts from individual type designers. Stop illegal copies and protect your assets today for less than $20 with our done-for-you service!

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers nor does this represent a legal service or advice — the creators of Privateer are humble creators / designers ourselves, with plenty of experience protecting our own assets from online piracy. We have perfected our methods while protecting our own fonts, and would like to make them available to you with Privateer!

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  • Automagically protect your creative works from online piracy!

  • Est. Time Required
    <2 min.
  • Built for
    Digital Creators
  • Automagically protect your creative works from online piracy!
  • Est. Time Required<2 min.
  • Built forDigital Creators
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Privateer — protect your assets from piracy.

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