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Google Sheets Sales P&L Tracker

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Track your profit & loss (P&L) and optimize your marketing efforts with this easy-to-use & flexible template for Google Sheets.

This P&L tracking spreadsheet template is designed for online sellers (ie. digital products creators and eCommerce brands) to help keep track of your sales & marketing performance so you can optimize your marketing efforts and maximize profits.

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Most marketing optimization & attribution software lacks the flexibility and simplicity of spreadsheets. Ever wish you could easily create and filter a pivot table of all your sales data? Dream of having a single source of truth for your weekly, monthly, and annual profits? With this 100%-customizable Google Sheets P&L tracking template, you can do exactly that & more!

Robust P&L tracker: created for our own eCommerce store with thousands of sales.

This template was copied directly from the Google Sheet used for our successful digital products business with over 2,000+ customers, including the likes of award-winning startups and Fortune 100 companies.

Enjoy the ease-of-use and flexibility of a spreadsheet-based P&L tracker, packed with powerful features including:

  • Quarterly + annual dashboards
  • Advanced profit & loss tracking
  • Weekly profit + ad reporting
  • Product-specific drilldowns
  • Breakdowns by variations & sales channels
  • Pivot tables for ad scheduling
  • Actionable insights & charts
  • & much more!

With our Google Sheets Sales P&L Tracker, you'll always know what's happening with your business. We used this exact spreadsheet to measure & guide our marketing strategy from $0 to thousands in sales every month: it's chock-full of actionable features to manage and grow your online sales.

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This P&L tracker helped us optimize thousands in digital marketing spend and grow our online sales by over 10Γ—.

With powerful features such as breakouts by sales channel, advertising attribution, product variations, and more β€” you can optimize your marketing efforts easily & effectively with this Google Sheets P&L tracker template!

Pay $39 just *once*, not $100's per month!

This is not a subscription for software: pay just once, and get your own Sales + P&L Tracker for life!

Realistically, this product could've been priced at $200+ β€” for comparison, the most popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce and attribution tools like Triple Whale cost thousands of dollars every month.

Keep an eye on your advertising ROI and track of your weekly profit & loss with this easy-to-use Google Sheets spreadsheet. Rely on this dashboard as your single source of truth for ad spend insights, growth opportunities, quarterly & annual trends, and all the data you need to grow your online business.

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Enjoy lifetime updatesΒ free

We're constantly updating this product: we use this very same Google Sheets template every day for our own businesses, so we are always making improvements!

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NOTE: Re-sharing or distribution is strictly not permitted: each purchase is for only one (1) user. We closely monitor duplications: any violators will face legal action and will be reported + permanently banned.

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Powerful sales + P&L tracker, built for Google Sheets.

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Google Sheets Sales P&L Tracker

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