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Series A Startup Pitch Deck Template

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Series A Startup Pitch Deck Template

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A pitch deck template for startups and founders: Smart, actionable slides that work. This deck includes slides that raised over $84M+ in deals & sales. Get this versatile template starting at an affordable $20 (just one Jackson!) and you'll be ready to go—just edit and toast your success!

Our completely editable and flexible layout is quick and easy-to-use: just add your content, drag-n-drop photos, and change color/fonts with a few clicks as desired. These slides & templates were designed to help startups create high-quality and impactful pitch decks that accelerate the fundraising or sales process. Our templates include elements proven to be consistently successful by companies ranging from Silicon Valley upstarts to Fortune 100 giants.

Perfect Pitch™ is a pitch deck template built specifically for startups, entrepreneurs and founders. It includes everything you need to pitch investors, including all of the elements below...


  • 60+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 700+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint &Keynote
  • Hi-Resolution / 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 1-Click Font & Color Updates
  • Ready-to-Use Slides
  • Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Well-Organized and Easy-to-Use
  • Free Updates

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(all open source & free)

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Stunning, actionable slides that close deals.

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